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Levitra 20mg pills at least 4.5 hours apart is just fine, in fact they can even be taken at the same time! As long you're not in a position of danger or under duress, you can safely experiment with it. There are also the occasional reports of people having no idea what they're doing. If someone tries to prescribe the drug, give your doctor a call as they will most likely want to know what you have tried and how well they feel you're doing on it. There's a lot of information that can be gleaned from the Internet. It's no excuse though, to just take a chance on product without researching any side effects. Side Effects The most serious side effects is the possibility of becoming addicted. While there may not be many people addicted to Vit-K in the United States, situation is not as well regulated it is in places like Canada. The situation is further complicated by the fact that drug itself is sold as an over-the-counter (OTC) medication. This is in contrast to many other prescription products where one must seek out a doctor to prescribe it. This makes sense as most OTC drugs are already controlled substances. The first thing you should know about Vit-K is that it's illegal to buy in most states. Colorado you can buy it with a prescription but it's illegal to buy the product on street, even if you have a prescription for it. While you can get a prescription from your primary care physician in most states, some people choose to ignore their physician's order and go straight to the internet purchase it. Most people don't have a problem purchasing Vit-K, but if you need to purchase it legally without your doctor's approval, you can still do so. It's best, however, to do some of your research before making the purchase, though, so you don't end up with a negative experience your doctor. Additionally, you should know that there are various types of side effects that have been reported. Some of the more serious are listed below: Anxiety: This is a pretty common side effect and occurs in a variety of forms. It can be as mild a small increase in heart rate, or as serious anxiety attacks. Regardless, the only thing you should be dealing with is the anxiety and it won't last very long unless you attempt to suppress it. Depression: A common occurrence, particularly with those depression, is order levitra online uk a feeling of anxiety, despair and helplessness. It occurs in both the person on Vit-K and when someone else takes the drug to help them recover. It may only last for 15-45 minutes and then completely abates. Dizziness. This can happen with overuse and the drug will make your legs feel like they're floating. At times, however, it can be quite terrifying. It's not a serious side effect (unless you're under the influence of drug), but it should be treated as such. Digestive Inadequates: Some people feel worse on Vit-K than normal but most people only do so temporarily. Some people report digestive problems, nausea and/or vomiting with each go-round. This should also be treated as such. Gastrointestinal Inadequates: This is a much more common occurrence and can last for a period of days, if the ingestion is severe enough, though it pharmacy online in canada tends to resolve itself quickly. Hallucinations: Sometimes, when taking Vit-K it seems like the world is spinning around you. Others report feeling as though they're in a dark room and just seeing things. The experience, however, is very surreal. If you're having a bad trip on Vit-K and it's getting out of hand, call for help immediately. Mood Lags: This may occur anytime within the first three to five.

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